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Ashley Knowles

Open World Orchestra

The Open World Orchestra is a tight-knit writing, performing and improvising ensemble of 20 musicians and vocalists. The group was created six years ago by the London Philharmonic Orchestra as an experimental project under the name Open Ear Orchestra, and for the first four years worked under Phil Mullen with the LPO’s generous support, performing in large and small venues including the Royal Festival Hall, the Tate Gallery and the Brighton Corn Exchange.

The group plays songs and vibrant instrumental pieces featuring classical, jazz and folk line-ups, using techniques that draw on the conceptual and contemporary art music traditions and incorporating influences from Africa, the Middle East, Funk and Flamenco. It creates new music whenever it meets, and can perform as anything from a five-piece to a full orchestra of 20 or more players.


Folk For Fun

Come to The Bull at Ditchling on the last Sunday every month for widely-influenced folk & blues with Ian Chisholm and the cream of Sussex folkdom. New players always welcome - the only rule is: no electricity.

Lost Tango In Paris

Unlikely heroes of such august entertainments as Ditchfest and the Chicken Farm Barn Dance, an accordion-driven tango / folk / poultry-noise trio.

Ancient History

Feel-harmonic Orchestra

Working with Michael Mills’s eclectic ensemble to create atmospheric film music and twisted jazz-dance grooves ...

T’ai Chi

Jazz / World-influenced pop with Paul Castle, aided by the Kick Horns and many others.

Factor E

Sex With Strangers

Risky Business



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