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Ashley Knowles

For Sale JX-10 and PG800 etc 1,750


Roland's last great digitally-controlled analogue synthesiser, and arguably the world's last word on this way of making sounds. The reviews use phrases like "breathtaking", "astounding", "legendary fat and warm sound", "lush", "to die for", "outstandingly rich and warm", "gutsy, ethereal, sparkling", "presence and definition", "extremely playable" and "highly individual". They're all true.

The heart of the instrument is a pair of JX-8P processors with 24 oscillators, four envelope generators and two sets of high-pass and resonant filters between them. Spread them across the keyboard for 12-note polyphony, or layer them to produce four-oscillator patches with subtle shifts in tuning or interplay between the filters to create sounds with a majesty that simply isn't possible with two oscillators alone. The on-board stereo chorus adds another level of richness.

This example is working perfectly and the synth and programmer together have just been serviced by one of the UK's leading keyboard technicians. Included are:

 PG-800 programmer and custom lead;

 Very useful and hard-to-obtain M64C data cartridge;

 Roland sustain / program-change pedal;

 Boss EV-10 volume / expression pedal;

 High-quality custom-built flightcase; and

 Original manuals for the synth and programmer.


The synth stands on feet which are shaped to lock around the top of an RD300 stage piano - it's a very neat arrangement, which allows you to stack both keyboards efficiently and securely on a basic stand. I'm still using the RD300 at the moment, but if you like the idea of taking the two together then talk to me about it.